Understanding the Reasons Why Specimen Management Is Important and How Can It Be Managed Effectively

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A laboratory receives a lot of samples each day from different hospitals, clinics, and practices that are sent out for a proper analysis. The labs are also businesses that are either managed independently or operate as profit centers for larger medical organizations. The competition is tough. It is therefore crucial for the labs to identify, implement and also keep the competitive advantage that they have in the marketplace. The lab courier services also have an important role to play.

If the sample management is done effectively, it underlies the reliability and validity of any research that is performed in the laboratory setting. The sample quality will decide the quality of the results which again is dependent on the efficacy of the sample management workflow. In case the samples are not collected carefully, there is every possibility that valuable data will be compromised.

Benefits of an effective sample management strategy

For effective sample management, the samples are safely secured in the right kind of environment using a robust sample management system. This reduces the chances of the samples getting compromised. The bar code labels and the scanners also increase the accuracy of the data entry. They reduce the time taken to input the sample information. If there are many researchers handling samples after the analysis, there is a possibility of it reducing friction. This eliminates the chances of labels degrading and becoming difficult to read.

Importance of lab management software

The proper lab management software can certainly help in the better management of the sample. If you use the right kind of software, it can improve sample management at every stage. If the robust procedures are automated, it will certainly enhance the safety of the patient. It will accelerate the process of sample processing, sample intake, and sample storage. This also leads to a much faster turnaround time, improves accuracy, and also the competitive advantage that is necessary to operate successfully.

Digitized laboratory information management systems

Today most laboratories rely on digitized laboratory information management systems in place of physical logging and handwritten labeling. But the manual information management is still used to a certain extent and there are still excel files existing that store important information. The lab reports are sent through the courier service and an efficient lab courier service is immensely important.

When the samples are managed manually, there is a possibility of a loss of data simply due to some kind of human error. At any stage of this sample management, a mistake can lead to destructive results.

Advantages of advanced specimen testing

If the lab uses a combination of oral fluid and hair testing, it is much better than the traditional urine-based drug testing programs. These advantages include:

  • Collections are much easier and simple.
  • The chances of donor adulteration, substitution, or dilution are much less.
  • The burden of the observed collection is eased.
  • The lab courier services improve the shipping efficiency and there is no packaging or special storage required.

Specimen management is extremely important as it is after checking out the reports of these specimens that the doctors decide the treatment that they will provide to their patients. In case the specimens are not collected properly, the treatment might go wrong and it can have a very negative effect on the patient.

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